About Me

My heart overflows with thankfulness for God's unfailing love, tangible presence, and mercies that are new every morning. That He would see fit to will and work in me for His good pleasure is surely a matter of grace! 

It is my prayer to I honor Him in all I do and to be a bearer of His great Name wherever I go.

I am married to a darlin' man who forbids me to go to the grocery store. That's his domain. He is the king of frugal shopping, whereas I'm in awe of all the vast array of edible temptations surrounding me (on the rare opportunity that I enter those automated doors) and am an impulse buyer. But he is faithful to keep me stocked with my "chocolate medicine" (Aldi's Moser Roth 70% dark)!. He is a dear sweet husband and daddy and loves to take care of all his girls.

I am Mom to four beautiful daughters who are my joy and my delight!  Three have flown from the nest, making homes of their own. Our 17 year old daughter, adopted from China, blesses our lives daily and brings energy and girlish enthusiasm into a home of old fogies who might otherwise fall victim to a life controlled by Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Jeopardy, and Survivor.

Our lives are enhanced even further as we celebrate the joys of grandbabies!!

Teaching is at the essence of my being. With over twenty years in the classroom, I still love being surrounded by little ones eager to learn. The privilege of author visits with my newly published books Groundhog Day in Amazing Grace Acres and Christmas in Amazing Grace Acres add an exciting dimension to that realm. I also enjoy teaching adults through Bible study, women's retreats, MOPS groups, and other speaking engagements.

 There's No Place Like Kindergarten, is a place to share my teacher-y thoughts and things I've learned as a Mom of kids who graduated from Kindergarten...and even further! It is featured on Carolina Parent Focus on the Family has also published some of my work. I am privileged to be a contributor to DevoKids as well.

Gracie's Grounds chronicles my adventures with Gracie and Grover as we travel to schools, museums, and other venues such as ChickfilA. 

Groundhogs continue to play hide-and-seek in my brain, so I'm hard at work on future publications with our furry little friends. Lord willing, at some point, there will be books out there for grownup girls to encourage them in their walk with the Lord!

I am on the advisory board and planning team for Write2Ignite!, a conference for Christian writers of literature for children and young adults. It is fabulous! Please check it out!

Things I can't live without...my quiet time, my Bible, a good book, decaf coffee, Dove soap, and my computer...oh and my chocolate medicine.

Things that scare the life out of me...Twitter, snakes, bears, heights, and skin cancer.

Mountains or beach? Definitely mountains. Hands down. (Although I'm warming up to more beach time and feeling a little need to dig my feet in the sand!)

My favorite pastimes are reading, writing, hanging out with my girls drinking Starbucks or eating dark chocolate, and looking for groundhogs.

Something I totally can't do...sing. But I do...in my car, really loud...and often with my hands in the air.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll come back often. I'd love to hear from you! May your journey be blessed!

"So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed!" John 8:36