Friday, December 11, 2009

I Must Have Smelled Pretty That Hedgehog!

"For we are to God the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing."  2 Corinthians 2:15 (NIV)

The morning started off great in my transitional kindergarten class on Wednesday.  We were busy doing all kinds of Christmas-y things, carols playing in the background.  As I walked across the room, I happened to notice that one of our hedgehogs was awake and heading to his drinking unusual sighting, as they are nocturnal and we rarely get to see them engaging in any type of activity during the day.  I called the students over, and then decided, "Hmmm, it just might be a great time to wake them up and get them out for the children to observe...and carefully pet a little bit."  So I opened the cage and got Bubbles and Rolo out.  Bubbles is not very into being petted...puffing up in a prickly ball and making hissing noises, but Rolo is more friendly.  A few times we have been delighted when Rolo would extend his little sweet tongue out from under that adorable little nose to gently lick the fingers of the students or myself.  Well, Rolo was very adventurous (and apparently hungry) this particular morning, as he actually started to use those darling little paws to crawl right up in my hand.  We were all delighted.  We were all just so tickled to see him licking my wrist so lovingly.  We decided that he must really like my perfume.  And yes, it was much that quite out of the blue he chomped down!  Now this was not a gentle little nibble, it was a death grip!  You know how you hear that snapping turtles won't let go when they bite until there's lightning???  Well, I was just wishing for a thunderstorm!!!  Fortunately my faithful assistant (who doesn't particularly care for any animals...much less hedgehogs...and who had finally been brave enough to "pet" Rolo for the first time that day) smacked Rolo...and he let go.  It's really quite comical to think about it.  I wish we had it on video!  I'm sure we could win America's Funniest!!!  I'm okay.  Amazingly there was no blood...thankfully since the bite was right at the main vein in my wrist.  All is well...except for the soreness that is right where my wrist rests on the computer when I type.  Whew!  A teacher's life is never boring!

Okay, so I have to admit that I said to my assistant, "Now how am I going to fit this into a blog post with some spiritual correlation???"  Only a God like ours!!!  Here goes.

I have to start with another little story before I get to the point...the beauty of's mine and I can do whatever I want.  :)  On our way home from school each day, there is a homeless woman with a sign asking for help.  A couple of days when I went past I gave her a couple of dollars.  I wasn't sure that was best...not knowing what she would spend it on.  However, I really felt God leading me to do something.  And you know that He is "in the details."  I had just purchased the book Gideon's Gift by Karen Kingsbury for some Christmas reading.  It tells the story of a homeless man...a sick little girl...a pair of red gloves...and Christmas miracles.  That book prompted me to look to the practical.  I bought some red gloves, some socks, and a hat.  My daughter and I found such great delight in giving Patricia a gift a day.  Then I thought..what next??  I made some cookies one day and took them to her...warm.  As I rode in my car, the aroma was so delightful.  Aaaaaah, the smell of freshly baked cookies.  You know, you can buy that scent in candles...which I seem to be allergic to...but there's nothing like the real thing!  Plus, with the real thing, you also get to taste them!!!

Just like those candles, we can find some pleasure from "aromas" that the world has to offer.  But we won't find true satisfaction...true joy except in Jesus Christ.  Oh that we would "Taste and see that the LORD is good"!  (Psalm 34:8)  And once that we are satisfied in Him, we can share His love with others and be the aroma of Christ.

And friends, like my little hedgehog friend, after we take that bite, let's hold on!  Let's cling to the one who is our provider, our refuge, our strength, our help, our peace, our joy, our hope!  He is able to be all that we need!

Lord, thank you for hedgehogs and cookies and stories that teach us how to be better people.  Thank you for dwelling in us.  Help us to indeed have the aroma of Christ that others may be drawn to you!

PS  Keep reading!  I did 2 posts today and I don't want you to miss the first!!  :)


Jean said...

You are tooo funny! Yes, you squeezed a spiritual application out of Rolo's rebellion-a valuable one, too.

Love you!

p.s. Next time put the perfume only behind your ears and don't DARE let Rolo curl up around your neck.

Anonymous said...

Smacked the hedgehog? heehee! That phrase just made me laugh. I couldn't help it! I think this is a fabulous post, my friend. Keep 'em coming!