Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm thinkin'...He loves me!

"...His banner over me is love."  Song of Solomon 2:4 (NIV)

In my quiet time a few days ago (in Beth Moore's Praying God's Word Day by Day devotional book...which I use year after year...soooo powerful), I came across a verse that stuck with me ever since...primarily because it was made into a song that has played over and over in my head.  Do you remember singing that chorus repeatedly in youth group or summer camp??  "His banner over me is love.  His banner over me is love...His banner over me is love (2 syllable love)."  So, I couldn't get it off my mind...which caused me to ponder the meaning...and try to picture it in my mind.  I asked my smart hubby about it...about banners in the Bible and such.  I prayed about it, asking the Lord to help me to grasp the meaning.  I don't know if it was God or just odd that those obnoxious Arby's commercials came to me.  You know the ones where someone is in the middle of something real a business meeting...or a wedding...and the bright red Arby's logo pops up over their head and somebody says, "I'm thinkin' Arby's."

Well, I think God's banner is waaayy cooler (and much more beautiful) than that goofy Arby's hat logo!  And what it means to me is waaayy more important than a roast beef sandwich!  Just imagine, when God looks at me...and you...He sees His own hand-woven brilliant, spectacular banner over our heads...embroidered in the finest of fabric and thread with one word written on it.  LOVE.

That's all He sees.  He doesn't see our faults.  He doesn't see our failures.  He just sees LOVE.

He doesn't flip the banner...or switch it with another...ever.  He always sees LOVE.

So, yeah, I'm thinkin' He loves me.  Now that is bliss.

Lord, I pray to walk worthy of that banner.  Help me to You first loved me.  Thank You for Your love that never fails.  Thank You for the Love that paid the price for my that the banner of LOVE is all You see.  I love You. 

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