Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fresh Resolve...Fresh Failure

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."  Galatians 6:9 (NIV)

I think that God tried to stop me.  I didn't let Him.  I plunged right on in to failure.

My husband and I have resolved to work toward reaching a healthy weight in this new year.  I must confess that our start date was a bit delayed.  We were on vacation on January 1st...and the day after...and the day after.  It's a rule to eat what you want on vacation...isn't it??  So today was Day 1.  I did well at breakfast...Special K.  I did well at lunch...spinach salad.  Then as I headed out the door to pick up my daughter at school, my tummy was a little rumbly.  I thought, "I'll never make it till dinner.  Maybe I'll have a spoon of peanut butter...a little protein."  Now, all you weight watchers out there, don't even think about telling me what a no-no that is!  And don't worry.  I didn't eat it.  God stopped me.  It was a new jar...complete with vacuum sealed protective covering under that lid.  And I couldn't get it off.  I remember thinking, "God, you're helping me out, aren't you?"  I put the peanut butter back on the shelf. 

And then I saw them.  A box of Godiva truffles that one of my students gave me for Christmas.  I pulled back the decorative elastic band wrapped around the box.  I lifted the lid.  God tried to stop me again, knowing that I needed to get on out the door and to the school carline.  Yes, those four delectable delights were wrapped in cellophane.  I thought, "God, I didn't know you cared so much about my weight!  You really are an ever-present help in time of trouble!"

But...with a quick little swipe with my kitchen scissors, I pulled that dark chocolate luscious creamy filled treat from the box and took a bite.  (It  was DARK chocolate.  That makes it a little healthier...right???)  I finished it off on my way to the school...the feeling of failure washing over me.

I could have sunk into my recliner and chosen to admit the failure of today...and try again tomorrow.  But I decided to act.  I put on my coat and scarf and took a brisk walk.

Over the years I've made many resolutions.  I've broken many of them...to exercise more...to read my Bible more...to write more...to love more.  But it would be so sad if with each failure that I faced I'd just plopped down and given up.  We can't!  We've got to pull up our bootstraps and press on...keep trying...over and over.  "At the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up!"

Lord, help us to resist the "chocolate truffles" in our lives...the things that deter from our pursuit of what's best.  Help us not to grow weary in doing good...to persevere...and not to give up.  Help us to yield our bodies, our hearts, and our minds to You and Your plans for us.  Thank You for loving us...even when we fail.  We love you! 


Esther said...

Hi Kristi!
Those chocolates sound yummy:)
Glad you're not giving up...me neither, even though I'm feeling a bit discouraged today!
thanks for this great reminder.

Amy said...

Oh, friend! I'm about to start Made to Crave with a group at Apex, and there's such a huge, bossy part of me that doesn't even want to try. I'm proud of you for getting back on the wagon!