Saturday, April 23, 2011


"He is not here; He is risen, just as He said.  Come and see the place where He lay."  Matthew 28:6 (NIV)

An empty tomb.

He had told them.

They could not fathom all that meant.

Can we?

Because of that emptiness, we can be full.  Because of His sacrifice, the gap that separated us from Him has been "crossed".  Not only do we have the promise of a future with Him, but a NOW with Him.

The Holy Spirit is the fulfillment...the full fill meant for all that's empty in our lives.

The sad thing is that we all too often try to fill the void that exists in our lives...the one that is meant for God...with all sorts of other things...some harmless...some not. 

How do you fill your emptiness?  Where do you go for the love that can only be found in Him?

When Jesus said, "It is finished," He knew that our search was over.  He knew that He not only bridged the abyss between God and man, but also provided the ultimate source of satisfaction...complete...perfect...everlasting.

Empty paved the way for Full...and empty tomb...a life full of hope, of love, of peace...the only way.

Lord, we can't begin to fathom Your love, Your sacrifice, or the depth of your dying and conquering death.  Open our eyes.  Help us to see.  You are the answer.  You are our everything.  You are our source of whatever we need.  Help us to seek fulfillment in You alone.  Thank You for Your love...for Your power...Your plan.

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Anonymous said...

ooooh... Empty paved the way for full... BEAUTIFUL! there is a whole sermon in there, girl. preach it! :)