Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday Worship~All My Fountains

"As they make music they will sing, 'All my fountains are in You.'" Psalm 87:7 (NIV)

I'm praying that as you worship Him today that His fountains of living water will wash over you and flood your soul to overflowing.


Susan Stilwell said...

Loving your "fountains" theme this week, and you KNOW I always love a Chris Tomlin song!
Happy Wednesday, sweet Kristi. Love you and praying for your week!

Kristi Butler said...

Thanks, sweet Susan!! Happy Wednesday to you too!! Thanks for your prayers! You're in mine too!! Love you!

Hester's Heart said...

Just gotta love Chris Tomlin!

Thank you Kristi - you refresh us.

Much love, Hester ;)