Wednesday, April 2, 2008

God's Tangible Love...Can You Feel It?

"Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days." Psalm 90:14

Are you satisfied with God's love? Do you find it unfailing?

I can distinctly remember a time when I doubted the satisfaction and the unfailingness of God's love. I felt alone and rejected. I remember crying out to God in my despair. I went to His Word and read over and over how He loves me. But then I said to Him, "You can't really hug me. I can't see your physical presence in the room. You're just not tangible." He reached down and used that opportunity to open the eyes of my heart and express the vastness of His love for me.

The next time I was outdoors, a cool breeze wrapped its arms around me. "That's a hug, did you feel it?" He seemed to say. The sunset that evening was sensational. "I'm in that sunset. Do you see me?" Birds were singing in the trees. "Do you hear that love song?" The scent of the rhododendron in my backyard filled the air. "Mmmm, isn't that a pleasing aroma? It's for you." As I said, the eyes of my heart were opened. I began to see the signs of His love all over the place!

I encourage you to look for His signs of love toward you. Accept it as personal. Listen for Him in that song that comes to mind...or just the right Bible verse that ministers to your heart. He speaks, my friend. Yes, He speaks.

Let's tune in to songs that allow Him to speak. Let's stay in His Word and hear what He has to say. Let's hide His precious words in our hearts so that they are readily available when we need them.

Lord, thank you for your tangible, unfailing love for me. Thank you for all the ways that you show the depth of your love. Thank you for your Word...your love letter, your guide to me. Thank you for the most tangible expression of your love, giving your own Son to die so that I might live forever. Thank you that He conquered death and rose again...and that He will return for me...His bride.

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Joyce said...

Thank you for sharing God in the realness (is that a word?) of your everyday life. To realize He is sending this rain and then equate that to my life was very refreshing. Another tangent to His love. Oh how He loves you and me...
Thank you for reminding me to look for the blessings in ALL circumstances. You bless me! Mmmm!