Thursday, October 14, 2010

Burning Bushes and Maple Trees

"So now, go.  I am sending you...."  Exodus 3:10a (NIV)

I've never actually seen a burning least not one that "did not burn up."  I have seen maple trees radiating the most brilliant orange and red hues with a such a fiery appearance that it got me thinking about burning bushes...and how I can't even begin to imagine the sight that Moses beheld. 

I've surely never heard God's audible voice coming from a burning bush.  In a much more subtle manner, I've known His a whisper in my mind...or in a preacher's message...or straight from His Word.

I can't really imagine Moses' fear...a burning bush...talking...with God's voice!  I have experienced fear on my own level...sometimes just in sweaty palms...a mouth struggling to produce saliva...heart palpitations.

It really makes me feel good that Moses asked, "Who am I that I should go?"  Yes, I've asked that question too.

And God's response remains the same.  "I AM."  It really doesn't have anything to do with me.  It's all about Him...His presence...His power...His purpose...His plan.

So what about you?  Have you had a "vision" that could only be from God?  Have you heard His unmistakable whatever form it took?  Have you ever truly KNOWN that you were standing on holy ground?  Did you, as Moses, want to hide your face in fear???

Just a reminder, my friend, that same God...the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, the God of Moses hasn't changed!  He is still the great I AM!

What has He called you to do?

Where has He called you to go?

What's your answer to Him?

Oh God...our God...the One who endures from generation to generation, help us to hear Your voice.  Remove the fear that threatens to undo us...and to thwart Your plan.  Help us to be bold enough to remove our sandals and step onto that holy ground!


MyAwesomeOliveShoots said...

In the last week I'm sensing the Lord is calling me to share some new things about what He has done in my life. I've been crying tears of joy throughout the day today, humbled, undeserving, washed white as snow, privileged, grateful, redeemed sinner such as I (or is it me?) Who cares! I AM is on the throne. As the mom of an Aaron and an Isaac, I find myself blessed every time I hear their names in Scripture. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

Jean said...

Beautiful thoughts beautifully expressed, Kristi!

We have to keep reminding ourselves of these truths, for sure.


Gigi said...

Kristi, Thank you for the encouragement! Sometimes its a bit like freefalling to trust the Lord, to do what He has called you to do BUT there is no greater joy than to walk in obedience and in truth :)

God bless you sister,