Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Tale of a Tuesday at Starbucks

I lead a sheltered life.

Today was my first time ever to pack up my computer and head to Starbucks for focused writing time.

It left me giddy.

I have to admit I felt a little tentative as I approached the door. Silly, I know. But then a burst of exhilaration hit me in the face as that delicious aroma filled my senses.

I scoped out the place, locating the perfect spot. Comfy sofa bench. Check. Table to hold my computer, Bible, and other essentials. Check. Outlet, just in case. Check. Display filled with yummy treats out of sight. Check. View of sojourners...inspiring to see others busily tap-tap-tapping. Check.

And then, yes, the tall, nonfat Mocha, no whip...and ice water (to wash the calories away).

In all my secret giggly-ness, I whispered a prayer for God's presence and help. And I felt it. I received it. I loved it!

Just over an hour later my alarm sounded alerting me to return to Mommy mode.

I packed up my belongings and breathed a sigh. One of contentment. I inhaled that delectable fragrance once more as I walked out the door.



Judith said...

I just love you!

Susan Stilwell said...

Look at you and your cute boots!! Wish I was there because YOU KNOW how I love me some Starbucks!! Of course neither of us would have gotten anything done. Except laugh or create Gaviscons ;)

Kristi Butler said...

I love you both!! And thoughts of you make me smile!!

And Susan, the skinny jeans came from Marshall's...$12.99! And...yeah...have to say that I love the boots...cute and comfy!