Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday Worship~Call On Jesus

Whatever your need is today, there is One who can meet it. Jesus. Call on Him.

Lord, You know our need today. We believe You when You say that nothing is impossible with You. Help us in our unbelief. Hear our prayer. Meet us where we are. We love You.


Susan Stilwell said...

That's one of the "most played" on my iPod! Have a fabulous day - LOVE YOU!!

Gi Gi said...

One of my most favorite songs, I love they lyrics and I am so thankful that we can call on Jesus. Thank you for the reminder sweet friend. Now I will be singing that all day! Gloria

Kristi Butler said...

Susan and Gloria, you are so sweet! And I love that song too. What a blessing to know that whatever our need, HE can meet it.

Love you girls!