Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Worship~Circle of Friends

"A friend loves at all times...." Proverbs 17:17a (NIV)

While attending a ladies event at my church last night, I heard this oldie, but goody!! Real goody!!

I am blessed by such a wonderful circle of friends...sisters of the heart...girls that I can be real with...those with whom I can laugh, cry, celebrate, pray...encourage and be encouraged.

Thank You, Lord, for those that You placed in our lives to walk this journey, encouraging us along life's way. Help us to keep You at the center of all we do. And Lord, for those who feel alone as they travel life's road, please send just the right circle of friends to be Your arms around them. Thank You for the gift of friendship. And Lord, how we rejoice that You have called us friends (John 15:15)!


Susan Stilwell said...

I love this!! And I definitely include you in my circle :) (And girl, that is ONE LOOPY circle!!)

Kristi Butler said...

God sure loves us!!

Gloria Minor said...

Oh how I love that God gives us a circle of friends!!

Kristi Butler said...

Gloria, I'll be eternally grateful for that blessing!! Love you!!!!

Jennifer @ said...

Kristi, I love that song. When I am in charge of music at church, I often play that song at a low volume while we're doing our greeting time/passing of the peace.

Thank you for sharing.