Friday, September 20, 2013

How's Your Quiet Time?

Let the morning bring me word of Your unfailing love,
for I have put my trust in You.
Show me the way I should go,
For to You I entrust my life.
Psalm 143:8 (NIV)

Ah, that's one of my favorite verses. One that we should surely commit to memory. And act upon.

Don't we all need to be reminded of His unfailing love every morning? And isn't putting our day in His hands...trusting Him for direction in each step we take just freeing?

Having a morning quiet time is a daily reminder to me of God's faithfulness, and how He cares about every detail of my life. It is an encouragement to me, a challenge to be more like Him, and a source of great instruction.

I'm a believer that we need a word from Him in the morning. (No, I'm not judging those of you who have your quiet time at night. God loves anytime that you choose to meet with Him!) I'm just saying that it can set the course for our day if we begin it with Him.

Even if it's quick!

I'm not talking about indepth Bible study, but a few moments (or more if you are at a place in your life where you can bask in His presence for longer periods of time.)

I'm speaking from experience in that "quick" department! During my 20+ years of teaching, with 4 daughters to get out of the house (and an amazing hubby who fixed the breakfasts and packed all the lunches), many days it was simply reading a couple of devotions and listening to Christian radio as I got dressed. And I'll confess that sometimes the devotion was read in the bathroom. Ugh. Yes, sometimes we must multitask! That's what those reading baskets are in there for!

Be creative...or not. Just do it!!! You'll be amazed at the difference it makes to hear from the One who loves you unfailingly before you begin the tasks of the day.

Here's a glimpse at my morning boost.
  • I start with prayer. And this is while still in my bed. You know, while you're still loving those snuggly covers, especially on these yummy fall mornings. There's no law that says you have to be upright to pray. In fact, Scripture refers to being prostrate...flat on our faces. So, sometimes I'm face down, sometimes gazing up toward the heavens. I don't think God minds that I'm on a comfy mattress. So I do a good bit of praying before my feet hit the floor. And isn't it just so fabulous that we can continually converse with the Creator of the universe, our strength and sustainer, all throughout the day!!!
  • Next (after the coffee is brewed of course), I read from three devotional books. And pretty much the same ones every year. They are my favorites and each year, as I'm at a different place in my life, God speaks through them in a new way. And it's been a whole year...with my 50 something brain, it's all new! (By the way, I do love to jot notes in them which serve as reminders to His faithfulness in past seasons.) I start with Beth Moore's Praying God's Word Day by Day. So great to learn how to pray Scripture!! Then I read Oswald Chambers' My Utmost for His Highest. I personally like the journal edition for a space to write how God speaks to me. Then I wrap up with Sarah Young's Jesus Calling (which is on sale now!!) I love this devotional, and some of the Godliest women I know enjoy it too! After I read it, I head to the Scriptures listed at the bottom of the page, ones that were referenced in her writing. That becomes a springboard to reading more in His Word and hearing directly from Him! Now, let me say that I'm at a place where I have more leisure time in the morning (many days with a darling grandbaby by my side), so I read all three and Bible passages. If you aren't there, find a devotional and just pray for a word from Him. He knows your life. And wants to speak into it!!
There are many formulas out there, and many devotion books to choose from. There are lots of fabulous devotions online and as phone apps! Ladies, get your word from His Word each morning! Prove Him at His Word. You will be blessed.

Now, just a clarification. This doesn't take the place of indepth Bible study. I hope you find place in your day for that as well. Oh, how our Lord longs to bless You and teach You and grow you into the woman He created you to be!

So how about you? What's your secret to a great quiet time?

Praying sweet blessings for your day...and some delightful time in His Word!


Wanda said...

Hi Kristi,
I have found that I have some of the best quiet time in my car. Whenever/wherever I can, I find that doing it in the morning does help set may day off on the right course.

Kristi Butler said...

Hi Wanda! Thanks for stopping by!! And I agree! He loves and honors every minute we spend with Him!
Sweet blessings!