Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Meditation~Arise and Do the Thing!

The LORD will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love, O Lord, endures forever-do not abandon the works of your hands. Psalm 138:8 (NIV)

My 10 month old granddaughter points and says, "Dom" or any number of consonant and vowel combinations and I'm challenged to ascertain the meaning attached to a language I don't understand. Does she want her "silky" or the doughnut stacky toy? Is it snuggle time? Time for another board book? Does she want to watch Curious George? Is she trying to give me help with technology? (Yes, she can probably navigate my new iPhone better than I.) Perhaps she wants to look at the photos and videos of her on my phone again. Is she calling out for her "Auntie Boo" or trying to ask for Cheerios? Is she longing for another trip to the playground? I assure you, I want to meet her need. I do my very best at deciphering her precious little wishes and fulfilling them.

My 17 year old daschund "woofs" and does this prancey little bounce. I'm expected to translate that into one of several appeals. Is it "I need to go outside"? Or "Is it time to eat yet"? (She's a senior adult female. Those are the two most frequent requests. And yes, she's started wanting dinner in the 4:30 range and that old bladder just ain't what it used to be!) Her action could also mean that she wants me to move her bed into the sun or in front of the fireplace or upstairs to our den or my bedroom or into my office so that she can be near me. Sometimes it takes a little trial and error before I discern just what she's asking for. But eventually the need gets met.

Another voice beckons me. Sometimes through a still small whispering to my heart and mind. Often spoken boldly through printed words on a page. A call to come and sit for awhile. To bask in His sweet love...a love that never fails, one that overwhelms and satisfies. To yield to the summons to heed His instruction, to follow His plan, His purpose. A command to arise and do the thing before me. In His power. Without fear. Clinging to the reminder that even when I fall, He never gives up on me. This time the language is like my own...only finer and more beautiful and perfectly uttered. How I pray to seek understanding as eagerly as that of my precious sparkly-eyed toddling beauty and my feeble old doggy. To act promptly to fulfill the request, and to delight in the act of service.

Father, thank You for desiring us. Thank You for Your unfailing love for us. Thank You for calling us to be a part of Your plan. Help us to arise and do the thing, living totally abandoned to You.


Susan Stilwell said...

Oh, sweet Kristi - to act promptly. Sounds so easy, doesn't it! I ask God to change my "need to" to a "want to!" And not to be afraid of failing. That's a toughie for this Type-A :)

And, girl - you know I'm a sucker for babies and dogs! That cute Brooklyn looks just like her granddad!

Vonda Skelton said...

"A command to arise and do the thing before me. In His power. Without fear." Beautiful words. Powerful truth. Thank you!

Kristi Butler said...

Susan and Vonda, you are always bright spots in my day...beautiful spots!! I love you both!

Hester's Heart said...

Beautiful connection Kristi, (& adorable grandaughter!)

I really love your honesty in writing - you share from your heart and I appreciate that. This line stays with me, "To act promptly to fulfill the request, and to delight in the act of service." This is my prayer too.

Thank you dear, Hester ;)

Kristi Butler said...

Hester, you are so precious! Love and hugs to you!